Why Hire a Licensed Real Estate Broker?

Real estate buying or selling could be one of the most tedious and emotional experiences in one’s lifetime. It is important that goals and objectives are set rationally, to avoid the many pitfalls that may be encountered in the course of the transaction. Engaging the services of a real estate professional, trained and skilled to hurdle the challenges of the trade, can save an inexperienced buyer or seller from the trouble of falling into traps waiting to happen.

Having been in the practice for the past 30 years, the best advices and tips I have shared with many of my clients have not only been useful and helpful to them in more ways than one. Here are some reasons why a real estate broker will be important to one who is unsure of treading the real estate jungle.

1. If buying a property, a real estate broker can help an investor/home buyer determine their buying capacity and recommend the best financing packages offered by a lending institution that suits their financial conditions.

2. When selling a property, a real estate broker can help a property owner analyze and set the best price to attract the right buyers, as well as, assist the owner in presenting and offering their property as a financially sound investment to prospective buyers.

3. Every real estate broker is a part of a larger network of real estate professionals. They share their listings with each other, so that, searching and matching the ideal property for their clients will save clients the time, energy and costs spent in finding the best deals and specifications to their satisfaction.

4. If a buyer or seller is unskilled in negotiating, a real estate broker can help shield their clients from being read by the other party to the transaction, whose intention is to bring the buyer or seller to their favor.

5. A real estate broker can ease the troubles for a buyer or seller in the documentation process, from performing due diligence work, securing certified true copies of titles and tax declaration, surveying of the location, appraisals and assessments, securing clearances and permits from related government agencies, preparation & submission of an offer to purchase or acceptance of an offer, providing the appropriate legal contracts, paying taxes and transferring of the title.

Real estate is a very complex subject matter. Trying your hands at something that you are not trained and skilled to do is like a death defying act, risking to even lose the very property being sold or purchased, if not properly guided. The situation may be likened to falling ill and self-medicating. The best is to always see a doctor & follow their advice, if you care about your health. So, take my advice. . .Talk to a licensed real estate broker, if you care about your wealth.