Looking for Best Condos Deal in Manila? Must Consider These Three Things

Condos can be a good option to invest in property but finding the right for the right price can be intimidating, especially for the first timers. The trend for investing or buying metro condos in Manila is fasting getting momentum, with more and more people showing interesting in the type of property over single family homes. Condos have some unique advantages as well as there are also some cons.

The conscientious buyer should be able to understand those differences, and as a smart buyer who has all to make the right decision, you should know these crucial things.

Let’s consider three aspects crucial to finding the best condos for sale in Manila.


It is the cost including common charges that you should keep in mind when looking for metro condos for sale in Manila, and in other parts of the country.

Condominium offers a thong of benefits such as the world-class amenities and a well designed common area. The amenities provided may go from doormen, fitness centers, and private parking structures to pools. You have to pay a fixed amount of money as fees for all these services. The fees may be charged monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on the policy of management of condominium.

Keep these fees (common charge fees) in mind when comparing the total cost of ownership, and compare them for different condos for sale. This is important to do so because the cost of common charges may vary between different communities.

Note that some communities use green technology such as energy efficient windows and alternate energy sources which help reduce common charges. So it’s a good idea to ask lots of questions related to common charges and try to know where these fees come from and what they go towards.


Insulation and noise level, which should be among the considerations you should make. Every person is different in their tolerance for outside noise levels. Some people easily get adapted to the living in big cities and the comings and goings of their neighbors. But there are also some people who are hard to adapt to such kind of things. They want condos for sale offering private sanctuary for them. So if you are one of them, you should properly check for how well the particular unit is insulated.

There are Factors to Consider Ensuring a Unit is Properly Insulated:
• The materials of construction, sheet rock and concrete planks can provide insulation between floors
• Amount of insulation in the walls, floor, and ceiling
• Masonry block walls which provide an excellent sound barrier


The last thing that you must consider is potential neighbors. How good a community is to live in is also defined by its neighbors. Good neighbors mean it is going to be great for you living there. This sounds a bit difficult. But with a few things in mind, you can make to it with ease such as whether the majority of the units are rentals or are owned outright. Owners will tend to better maintain common areas and will form a long lasting sense of communit and stability among neighbors.