Leo Pura – Training Consultant

Leo is a graduate of Mater Dei College, MMHC, with a degree in BS Education major in Philosophy. A licensed professional teacher and licensed real estate broker.

[and a MA in Education major in Psychology and Special Education.]

Certified facilitator and trainor of

Lead Without a Title Program by Robin Sharma,

Train the Trainor by T.Harv Eker

Sales & Leadership  Program by Blair Singer

A resource speaker at DWIZ 882 together with journalist Ruth Abao-Espinosa. The program discussed the different concepts of how our brain works and process information resulting on successful positive brain rewiring; with learning concepts based on Anthony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within program.

Leo started his training career in 1999 and continued to be a coach and trainer to this day.  He was also in the teaching profession as a secondary school teacher teaching religion, values formation and academic education.

Serious looking Leo is described by family and friends as funny, witty, crazy.  A loving and caring husband to his wife of 8 years, Sheryll, Leo describes himself as traditional, strict and conservative.

Leo loves to travel and included in his bucket list is to see the northern lights in Iceland and go on a pilgrimage in Holy Land.

The trainer, professor, teacher, coach is very innate in Leo, he is very much into learning, reading and taking online courses.

With his expertise, Leo joins the Keller Williams Philippines team as a Training Consultant.

Welcome Leo to a different road trip with the Keller Williams Family!