Introducing the All-New Recruiting Website!

Now, one site tells the whole story. This brand-new recruiting destination was built to help you better connect with prospects. Whether it kicks off the relationship, facilitates the conversation, or makes for the perfect reason to reach out again, use this site to succinctly, yet thoroughly, show your recruits what gives KW a healthy lead over the competition.

Think of it like your recruiting brochure, but digitized for easy sharing!

We’ve taken your recruiting website and turned it into a powerful, professional slide deck for you to leverage in your next career night or conversation. Copy the Google PowerPoint to edit it, make it your own, win hearts and minds, and don’t forget to punctuate your presentation with a link to your brand new recruiting site:

*Please use your KW email address to access files on the drive

Now, yours to share! This powerful video captures the benefits of Command through the eyes of those who use it, while communicating what each applet does and how they work together.

Whether you share it to secure a recruiting appointment, “leave it behind” to solidify your points, or use it to guide the conversation, it’s yours to provide a comprehensive look at the most central aspect of KW’s techscape.

Bonus: Send recruits to your (newly!) updated KW technology site to give them the full menu of resources to explore!