Abigayle ShielaJyin Ma Ortiz – Senior Agent Services Coordinator

Abigayle is as young as she looks.  Only 25 years old and a graduate of Business Administration with a major in Operations Management in Manila Tytana Colleges.  She is also a Civil Service Sub Professional Exam Passer.

Abi, as she is called by family and friends, is the new Senior Agent Services Coordinator of Keller Williams Philippines.  She was a Service Associate for 2 years in one of the commercial banks in the country.

The 3rd of 4 children, Abi is the “Ate” and responsible one among the siblings plus the closest to her mom who like her loves K Pop and K Drama.

Abi loves to travel and recently developed an interest in make-up and cooking adding to her diversity with her talents in drawing and photography and as a volleyball player.

Abi is the organized, systematic type of person and these characteristics manifest in her entrepreneurial activities.

Let’s discover more about the quiet-looking but adventurous Abi.

Welcome Abi to the Keller Williams Family!