3 Jargons in Vacation Rental Descriptions That Turn Off Potential Guests!!

There is no scarcity of people who like to book vacation properties in a beautiful archipelagic country -the Philippines. This Southeast Asian country is known around the world for its rich biodiversity, stunning beaches, magnificent mountain views, lush-green rain forests, heritage monuments and towns, and thousands of islands and diving spots. But, just because of generalized and hackneyed words, you may lose the opportunity of attracting tourists and vacationers to use your Philippines’ vacation property for accommodation.

So, here, we have enlisted 3 jargons that you should avoid while writing a description of your vacation home.

Jargon 1# Something for Everyone:

We understand that your vacation properties might be in the vicinity of historic tourists’ spots, beautifully curated gardens, popular theme parks, white sand beaches, and a line of restaurants. But, using “something for everyone” is a kind of lazy option which doesn’t reveal specifics to your readers.

What to Write:

Instead of sweeping generalization, describe how your vacation property rental will fit them. For instance, if families often choose to stay in your vacation home, include “ideal for families”. In case, your property is far from the noise of downtown and seems to be perfectly secluded to offer a higher level of privacy, you can tell them it is “perfect for couples and loners” who are looking to escape the city’s rush and enjoy the serenity.

Jargon 2# World-Class:

This word has now become overrated and seems to be ubiquitous even though its use must be only for places and things which truly deserve it. In fact, using world-class for nearby street-restaurants is probably a huge exaggeration. It is unlikely that your local food stores and restaurants offer world-class food. So, avoid writing those words which won’t live up to the expectations of your visitors.

What to Write:

You can try using words like exceptional, remarkable, and outstanding which sound a lot more believable and down-to-earth.

Jargon 3# Must-visit or Must-try:

Guests who search for vacation properties usually look for a relax zone. So, using words like must-visit or must-try may negatively impact as they may feel like they are being told they must do anything on their much-needed vacation by compromising their comfort, mind-peace, and relax. Telling your readers that they ‘must go there’ or ‘must do that’ doesn’t suggest the freedom that your guests are seeking.

What to Write:

If you want them to explore the surrounding area or visit some place, it is always better to simply include “Suggestions” or “Our Top Recommendations”. This way, your guests won’t feel obliged to necessarily go somewhere or do something. In fact, they will feel like they have the options to choose from and most likely they will be interested to take action according to their wishes rather than yours.

In case you want to inform that they must pick up after their pet or must dispose of their garbage in the bins, you can add these guidelines to your house rules.

So, if you have included such jargons or haven’t included specifics of your vacation property rental and the surrounding area, it’s time to change your house description that looks more credible to your guests and visitors.